Four aspects should be considered in the selection of sewage treatment agent

2020-11-19 180

We are not unfamiliar with the details of sewage treatment agent, so in the purchase process, how to choose the real sewage treatment agent? The following sewage treatment agent manufacturers to do a detailed explanation for you:


1. Determination of physical constants: such as density and viscosity of liquid agent, melting point of solid agent, etc

2. Acquisition of spectral or other spectral characteristics: such as UV absorption spectrum, infrared spectrum, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum, and determination of chromatographic characteristic value (specific shift value, retention time, etc.) of some drugs

III. pH value: generally, the pH value of 1% aqueous solution is the basis

4. Main chemical reactions: such as functional group reaction, ion reaction, etc.

The article comes from the manufacturer of sewage treatment agent

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