Ammonia nitrogen remover

2020-11-12 323

Ammonia nitrogen degradation agent

Veolia's ammonia nitrogen degradation agent is a high-tech product composed of a variety of inorganic compounds, chelating agents, additives and so on. It is a new high-tech water treatment agent without secondary pollution. It is mainly used for material and biochemical treatment of wastewater treatment enterprises whose ammonia nitrogen is not up to standard.

Product features

In the process of treatment, give full play to the coordination functions of catalytic oxidation, flocculation, adsorption, CO sedimentation, etc. to strengthen the treatment of sewage. This agent has a better effect on ammonia nitrogen treatment, and the production sludge is easier to dehydrate, which can avoid or reduce the sludge concentration, adjust the use of flocculant and reduce the cost of sludge treatment.

Technical index



PH value


Light red liquid



Soluble in water

usage method

1. 將本品投加在處理過的廢水中,產品與廢水須充分攪拌均勻。

2. 試驗時,取100公斤原水,靜放1小時,取上清液測氨氮值。投加氨氮去除劑,充分攪拌,然后靜放1小時,取上清液測氨氮值。用量由少至多逐步檢驗效果(參考用量一般為氨氮值的10倍,具體用量以試驗數據為準)

3. 投加點選擇在投加絮凝劑的池子里,根據系統情況不同,也可以嘗試在其他污水處理池里試驗。

4. 本產品在低溫或者高溫下使用不影響效果,適合不同類型的廢水,但不同的廢水效果不同,要求的投加量也不同。

Storage and packaging

Storage and cool, ventilated, dry place, 25kg, 1t or tank car. The shelf life is three months